Friendship Bracelets

December 3, 2011 § Leave a comment

You gotta love them! Cheap, portable and hours and hours of entertainment. I was digging through some of stuff and thought it would be fun to try these again. I still had a stash of fingerloop braided ones.

Fingerloop Braids

Fingerloop Braids c. 1990

I started doing some online searching and came across I had no idea that there were so many different techniques. The drafts make the patterns so easy to follow and you can even create your own.

L to R: Pattern: Leaves and Pattern #47984

Pattern: Leaves and Pattern: #47984

Pattern: #412, Pattern: #42906 and Pattern: #48894

Pattern: #412, Pattern: #42906 and Pattern: #48894

Oops, looks like there is a working in low light dye lot issue with #412. I can’t complain too much since I did score a huge bag of embroidery thread at the local op shop for near nothing. I love using the loop starting technique but there needs to be an even number of each thread/colour on each side. I also find that estimating the length of thread needed is a bit of a challenge and tying more on can be ugly. These were just samples, so I wasn’t concerned with the final length.

Pattern: #48894

Pattern: #48894

Pattern: Leaves

Pattern: Leaves

E. (age 10) gave this one a try, but it as a little too hard for her to keep the tension right on the outside floating threads. She’ll get it with a little more practice.

Now I am really itching to get back to weaving. I just need to get my Inkle loom set up.


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